Monday, February 18, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Once again, I didn't stick to my menu. It was crazy to say the least. This week the menu is going to be very basic. We got the bad news Friday that we have to replace our van within the next 2 weeks. The mechanic told us that it wasn't safe to drive it much longer. So we are going to be spending the evenings looking at cars. A lot of my baking recipes will be coming from my new cookbook, Vegan Baking. I will post the recipes if they work. Check out many more recipes over on Laura's Blog.

B- Pancakes & chocolate banana shakes(these both were delicious!! I will post recipes this afternoon)
L- Free for all
D- Spaghetti with veggie meatballs & homemade bread
Dessert...not sure what yet.

B- Omelettes, home fries, biscuits
L- "chk" quesadillas & corn
D- Veggie Fried Rice

Wednesday: (car decision day)
B- Cinnamon Rolls
L- Veggie Dogs & baked beans... or eat out.
D- Homemade Pizza & salad

B- french toast
L- peanut butter & jelly
D- vegan hamburgers & fries

B- Breakfast sandwiches, hash browns
L- sandwiches ( hoping to go on a picnic if weather cooperates)
D- Calzones

B- cereal & muffins
L- free for all
D- Pancakes


Betsy said...

Great menu! I am not sure if I understand what you are asking me about my menu being at the bottom of the post. Do you mean under the picture? If so, I just use the upload it to the left option when I upload the menu picture and then I just type my post out as usual. Hope that helps!

Betsy said...

:) My sig was custom made with my blog design (which I won in a contest!). I did just find a place that tells you how to make a more custom looking sig for your blog. I made one for my church blog. Here is the link...
I found out how to make and place the sig on my church blog and how to get rid of the ugly box that it was in.

Hope this helps!

Robin said...

I hope you find a great car. Have a great week.

Natalie said...

I'm sorry about needing to replace your vehicle. We just went through that last month. Good luck!

Natalie @