Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lunch Ideas Needed

Dh has started a second job and he has to take his lunch. He will not always have access to a microwave. This have to be portable and non-fussy. Is that even a word?

I have made sandwiches in the past, but I am just running out of ideas. I don't want him to have the same thing everyday. I try and pack at least 2 snacks (trail mix & soy jerky or granola bar), main thing, fruit, and something sweet (cookie, fruit leather).

I am afraid to give him anything with nuts because of his job. It cannot be anything that is messy. He has a cooler that will keep things cool and I think hot. But being in the south, that won't be necessary right now.

Any ideas???


Bianca said...

Hummus wraps are great and veggie dogs on a bun. Hmmm...I guess those are still sandwiches though. When I think portable, I definitely think sandwich. Can he have like raw veggies and dip?

Oh, what about cold waffles (no syrup)? I love to eat those. Have you the Vegan Lunchbox blog for ideas?

Summer Fae said...

I had not thought of veggie dogs, he would love those.

Thank you for the great idea!